DME Pin and Sleeves

D-M-E Featuring high-quality ejector pins and sleeves, core pins, return pins and sprue puller pins

Pins and sleeves you can depend on, shot after shot after shot
Heres why
Reason No. 1
D-M-E Standard Ejector Pins and Sleeves and Core Pins are made of thermal-shock resisting hotwork die steel (AISI H-13 type). This is a high-strength steel that has the physical properties needed to withstand the continuous punishment C the friction, the thermal an mechanical stresses C of plastics molding and die casting
Reason No. 2
D-M-E has developed its own technology for hot-forging and some of its own extremely sophisticated equipment. Totally automatic, this equipment controls temperatures closely within 9F (5C), a major factor in producing uniform gra flow in D-M-E Ejector Pins and Sleeves and Core Pins, and in increasing their density and tensile strength.
Reason No. 3
To give the strongest bond between the hard surface case and tough core, D-M-E uses a °new generation– nitriding process. Automated equipment monito and controls temperatures, processing time, and the ammonia atmosphere closely and continuously C the only way to produce ejector pins and sleeves with hig surface hardness and good, tough cores.
Reason No. 4
After theyre finish ground and nitrided, D-M-E Ejector Pins and Sleeves are sent through an extra surface finishing operation. This gives them an exceptionally smooth surface finish which greatly reduces friction and wear that can cause troublesome flash in ejector pin holes.
Reason No. 5
In addition to in-process inspections for surface hardness, case depth (ejector pins only), surface finish, and radius under the head, D-M-E checks and double checks its ejector and core pins for dimensional accuracy, concentricity and straightness.
Reason No. 6
D-M-E has the worlds most complete line of standard pins and sleeves C in stock ready for immediate delivery to you.

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