DME Mold components

D-M-E Your Essential Mold Components Resourc

For seven decades, D-M-E Company has been a mold technologies leader, innovator, global partner and preferred supplier to thousands of companies around the world. From its first innovation in 1942 of creating mold bases in standard sizes to its current standing as the leading provider of regional mold base standards in processing plants around the world, D-M-E is the brand that more plastics professionals depend upon than any other.
With extensive lines of products in several categories, including mold bases, mold components, moldmaking and molding equipment and supplies, hot runner systems and components, mold control systems and technical services, D-M-E has the worlds most complete range of mold technology products.
The D-M-E line of mold components includes thousands of proven and reliable, low-cost, high-quality products from slide action and mold cooling items to innovative solutions for molding undercuts and increasing mold capacity.
Slide retainers, limit switches, wear plates, lifter systems, unscrewing devices, 2-stage ejectors, internal latch locks, mold dating inserts, ejector pins, sleeves and blades, and runner shut-off inserts are just several of the many mold components youll find within the pages of your new D-M-E Mold Components Catalog.
Not only will you find product features and benefits, item numbers, and illustrations with dimensional specifications, but many D-M-E product descriptions include assembly and installation guidelines that assist you every step of the way in correctly applying our products to your application. Its no wonder why many customers call the D-M-E catalog the bible of the industry, and many competitors still promote their products by comparing them to D-M-E.

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